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Parent Governor Candidates

Natalie Anthony

Many of you may already know me from when we attended Blaina Junior School, as like many others I have stayed local. My eldest son is in year 2 and my youngest will be starting Nursery in September so if I'm voted in as a parent governor I hope to stay on the board for quite a few years. I would like to join the board of governors to help our voices be heard; as parents and any input our children may have. 


Emily Cashmore

I've lived in Blaina for 11 years, and my two daughters attend Ystruth. I'm passionate about education, and I'd like to take this chance to get involved in a way that helps my community. 

I'm friendly and approachable, and I would be supportive to help the school deliver a great education for our children. 


Mrs Sarah Jones.
I have two children who attend the school, one daughter in Year 3 and a son in Nursery. Both are enjoying the education experiences offered by Ystruth Primary school. This makes me supportive of the work and vision of the school especially as a past pupil as it has been pleasing to see it evolve over the years.

As a school governor, I feel I could become part of the team that supports the Headteacher,
staff and most importantly, the well-being and safety of all our children.

Excellent communication skills are essential, and in my current role as Lead Practitioner of GCSE English in a Further Education College, I carry this out to individuals of all levels. Confidentiality is a pivotal aspect and I feel I could bring a different perspective to the Governing Body.

The voice of the parents is also so important in the running of the school. I feel my calm and persuasive manner will ensure that the parent voice is heard.  Being available to listen to and present a balanced view of issues, therefore maintaining an approachable and reliable stance.

With 14 years’ experience in the education sector I would be able bring a range of different skills to the school including my current success of digital technologies used within teaching, learning and assessment.

My family and friends tell me that I can bring all of the above capabilities to the role. So, please vote for me and I will try my very best to make a difference to our children's education at Ystruth Primary School.


Melanie Rogers

My name’s Melanie, and I am a parent to a nursery pupil who attends Ystruth Primary School. I have been serving as a LEA- appointed governor at Tredegar Comprehensive School for the past six years, and am currently employed as a childcare social worker.

My initial reasons for wanting to join a governing body was because I have a genuine interest in education and in my professional capacity, I placed the role of school and the staff in high regard. I expressed an interest in Tredegar School as I was living in the area at that time, and I felt it was a good way of getting involved with my local community. I have been proud to be part of the governing body in Tredegar School, and have enjoyed watching the school go from strength to strength.

My main motivations for being a governor have not changed, however, now that I am a Blaina resident, I hope to give something back to this community, by using my knowledge and transferable skills to be an effective critical friend to Ystruth Primary. I have a proven track-record of being a committed and enthusiastic member of a governing body already, and I feel fortunate to have undertaken numerous roles during my time as a governor. These include being designated governor for Children Looked-After, as well as being Link Governor for PE, History and More Able and Talented departments. In addition to this, I have experience of interviewing for senior management roles, such as for the posts of Headteacher and deputy headteacher.

My job as a social worker has made me particularly sensitive to the needs of children from various socio-economic groups, and the principles of my profession include being non-judgemental, working in an anti-discriminatory way and adhering to confidentiality- all of which I feel are good characteristics of a school governor. My background includes working with looked-after children and children with additional needs, and therefore I would aim to advocate for Ystruth School to continue to be the sensitive and inclusive school we know it to be.


Daniel Williams

My name is Daniel Williams, my daughter has attended Ystruth Primary School from nursery and is now in Year 2, and she has loved going from the start. 

I’m very keen to be involved as a parent governor so that I can bring a parental perspective to the issues discussed by the school committees, and drive for continuous improvement in all areas.

I would like the opportunity to have input on the aims and vision of the school and how this becomes part of the school development strategy, and help the school leadership act on parent’s behalf in putting these ideas into practice.